How To Use

This pathfinder site is a live document, and regularly updated. Here are some ways you can use it:

1. The 'Home' page/blog is made up of posts from other sites related to makerspaces. Each of these posts will include links to the original source page. These posts are updated automatically from blogs/sites, Facebook groups and tweets of interest (through a very handy tool called IFTTT). You can also subscribe to these posts through RSS or eMail.

2. The tabs along the top of the site will take you to individual static pages that are updated by hand. Each deals with an aspect of the pathfinder, and clicking/tapping on any one will bring up details and more information. 
  • The 'About Makerspaces' tab provides some introductory information about makerspaces. Keywords from this can be used to search online community sites suggested in the 'Communities' tab. 
  • The 'Tohunga' tab is the heart of this pathfinder, with contact information for organisations and sites that specialise in (aspects of) makerspacery. Contact groups or organisations that interest you to find people to talk to.
  • The 'Core Ideas' tab which suggests reading/viewing material that looks at the how-to of makerspaces as well as the why.
  • The 'Maps' tab is an experimental page to suggest a more visual way to look at makerspace activity in New Zealand.  
Please get in touch via email or twitter if you find links that are broken, or if you have links/information that could be added to this pathfinder. 

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