Thursday, 30 April 2015

Musings on “The Artist’s Library” by Nor Hall


Nor Hall muses on the library as an incubator, with a nod to the Library as Incubator Project and The Artist’s Library: A Field Guide, by Laura Damon-Moore and Erinn Batykefer.

Hall is a Minneapolis-based psychotherapist, author, and playwright. She is currently an artist-in-residence at the Opus Archives & Research Center in Santa Barbara, CA. She will return to Opus on November 5th at 7pm for an artist’s talk and visual presentation inspired by her time in residency.

Jay D. Peterson, coordinator for the Coffee House Press in the Stacks residency program, sent us this quote from the Opus Archives & Research Center curator:
This is what happens when you come into the archives: spinning fantasies of golden treasure and fantastic flights of imagination, you wander through the stacks, through the boxes and pages within, longing for a reflection of your own ideas, an authoritative buttressing of your notions, you are lost, you get lost, not sure where to go but have a glorious idea about where you are going for just around the next box is going to be that very passage that will have everything fall into place in your project, you can feel it…you are the spirit, the Puer impulse that the Senex archives need so to not harden, to not dry out, to stay in touch with life.
—  Safron Rossi, Curator of Collections at Opus Archives & Research Center, Pacifica Institute;  “From Attic To Basement and In Between,”published in Quadrant: The Journal of the C.G. Jung Foundation, Volume XXXXII:2 Summer 2012

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