Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Tiny Book Show on Summer Tour

by Laura Damon-Moore

A couple of years ago, I wrote about Maya Stein and Amy Tingle, a creative duo who founded the Creativity Caravan (formerly known as Food for the Soul Train), with a mission to “build community through creative action, and to deliver creative experiences to people everywhere.” In the summer of 2014, Amy and Maya visited the Eager Free Public Library on their Type Rider II tour for a community Poetry Picnic. This year they are on the road again, this time with a 1965 Covered Wagon named “MAUDE” (Mobile Art Unit Designed for Everyone), which serves as the duo’s creative hub and home away from home.

In my semi-new position as Community Engagement Librarian at Madison Public Library, I was able to work with our colleagues and friends Rebecca Millerjohn and Trent Miller of the Bubbler at MPL to coordinate a visit from Amy and Maya on their 2016 tour, The Tiny Book Show.

From the Creativity Caravan website.

From the Creativity Caravan website.


Photo by Rebecca Millerjohn.

MAUDE parked outside of the Madison Public Library. Photo by Rebecca Millerjohn.


Exploring the collection of tiny books. Photo by Rebecca Millerjohn.

Exploring the collection of tiny books. Photo by Rebecca Millerjohn.

From the Creativity Caravan website:

The Tiny Traveling Library that joined us during our Type Rider II: The Tandem Poetry Tour was filled with more than 400 books made by children and adults around the country. Its “How-to” titles were so popular – ranging from “How to Annoy Your Siblings” to “How to Make Killer Egg Salad in 6 Minutes” to “How to Do Nothing” – that the library took on a life of its own. Now, two years later, after putting out an official call to artists of all ages and abilities to contribute new books to the growing library, a new collection of 325 miniature books (under 3″ tall) will fill our vintage caravan and we will travel across the United States to showcase the collection and inspire strangers to create their own volumes in tiny bookmaking workshops from our hometown in Nutley, New Jersey to Los Angeles, California and back again.

Read more about the show here. And watch a little video about the project here

At Bubbler headquarters at the Central Library in Madison, we welcomed the Tiny Book Show for a pop-up exhibit and hands-on tiny book making workshop for all ages.

Up close and personal with a tiny book. Photo by Rebecca Millerjohn. The tiniest book of all (with drawings of giant statues). Photo by Rebecca Millerjohn. Workshop participants working on their tiny books. Photo by Rebecca Millerjohn.

Is the Tiny Book Show making its way to a library, community center, or art-making place near you? Check out the show’s page to find out when and where the Creativity Caravan is headed this summer.

from Library as Incubator Project

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