Monday, 19 May 2014

19 Timeless Creations Found at the Steampunk World’s Fair

Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios built a 16-foot robot for the Steampunk World's Fair. The statue towered above on-lookers under the tent of the fair's "Goblin Market". What will they do with this colossus now that it is built? Jeff Mach says he will use it to raise funds to help friend and author CJ Henderson, who is battling cancer. "We’re going to share CJ with any event which wants to host him. Whenever he’s at an event, ours or another’s, the robot will collect money for CJ’s recovery, his family, and his medical bills." (source: http:// From kids making wrenches the size of a toddler, to studios building 16-foot robots, you'd be amazed at the number and variety of artists and makers at every level of the Steampunk World's Fair.

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