Thursday, 29 May 2014

3D Printer Back up and Running:

In time for this week’s Open Craft night, we have been working hard to fix the problems we had with our 3D printer and we got it working last night. We were able to print out some test parts and it’s open for business again!

3D Printer Back up and Running:

We also got another new toy tool in the form of a genuine flamethrower which we tested out and worked magnificently.

Additionally, we have another exciting tool that has been brought to the space on loan from Chester: a genuine Craftsman 10″ radial arm saw. We will be working on oiling it up and setting it up and will post pics of its awesomeness all in due time.

I also intend to finally set up that giant 2D Plotter this weekend and really put it to the test and print out some blueprints.

All in all there’s some exciting things happening in the shop. Check out the Facebook for the flamethrower test video 3D Printer Back up and Running:

Keep calm and hack on,


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