Friday, 27 January 2017

Linkubator Roundup: Week of January 22 2017

Being a librarian is a political act– one that takes as its identity radical inclusivity, and which strives to help everyone in a community meet their information needs. It values accurate information and free and open access for everyone. These values are under attack in the most blatant way we’ve seen in our lifetimes, but it’s facile to suggest that “the resistance starts now.” Just by being librarians, we are fundamentally part of resistance to systemic ignorance and intolerance.  Think hard about the fact that the Library Bill of Rights was first adopted in 1939, as the world was crashing toward war, information was controlled by fascist and dictatorial rulers, and minorities of all descriptions were dehumanized by vicious propaganda.

Everyone deserves to be literate, to have access to the best and most accurate information available, and to use this to inform their civic and personal decisions. You are already part of the resistance.   ~Erinn

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