Sunday, 31 August 2014

Artifactory Steampunk Benefit Ball – 6th Sept

Seen a lot of robot trilobites and dinosaurs around the space lately…?

The Great Streampunk Affaire are staging their annual Steampunk Ball extravaganza for the benefit of the Artifactory. The Ball is being held at the WA Museum‘s fabulous multi-tiered heritage Hackett Hall Gallery 7pm Saturday 6th September. This year’s theme is “Fin de Siecle: An Evening Of Mass Extinction” , featuring immersive, dramatized celebration and destruction of the diverse lifeforms the Earth has supported over the eons. Or, to put it another way “Hello Comet, Goodbye Dinosaurs!”, on the hour, every hour! The ball brings out an astounding variety of costumery as 300 of Perth’s most creative wielders of hot glue, DIY corsets, scratch-built Aether Ray Guns and misappropriated plumbing supplies re-imagined as blunderbusses all materialize in their dapper, over-dressed best.

  • Tickets are $75 from Tidyclub, which includes food, tea and coffee; a cash bar is provided for those seeking something stronger.

  • Ticket sales END Thursday midnight. NO DOOR SALES, Friday or Saturday sales due to catering.

  • More info from the Great Steampunk Affaire’s Facebook event page | GSPA on Facebook | GSPA website

  • The WA Museum is in the Perth Cultural Center, so lots of transport & parking options.

  • The Event runs from 7pm till midnight. Mass extinctions are slated for 8, 9, 10, and 11pm.

  • Bands include Ensemble Formidable, Psychogeography and Spinifex.

  • Roving Pirateman antics, the Ethereal Ms Bronwyn Wallis on Harp, and the GSPA committee up to their usual Panto-tastic half-baked over-propped absurdities.

Watch the PROMO VIDEO to get more of an idea…

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