Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The New Reference: Teaching tools, Skill-building

We have discovered that as we dispose of our print reference collection or move the items into our circulating collection, this opens up monies we can spend on resources our patrons are excited to use - specifically ten seats in our building for and the full Adobe Creative Suite inour new Digital Media Lab.

Our patrons no longer use our Reference Desk as much in their information gathering activities. Instead, they are seeking more and more services too expensive to purchase in a home setting and the skills to use creative digital products. We have discovered an opening!

David Murphy was able to give a practical class on buying and selling on Ebay last night using our subscription to as well as the Digital Media Lab and his own experience on Ebay. Suzanne held a similar class in July on mastering the Windows 8 operating system.

By using video classes, we can learn together, stop the video, answer questions, restart, jump ahead, or re-watch an exercise we might not have fully understood. We find that our patrons enjoy getting an overview togther with others and THEN coming back to the library to watch the course more slowly and in greater depth.

This is a great way we have found to be resource to our patrons: purchasing teaching tools, expensive software suites, and equipment such as professional scanner and conversion software so they can convert VHS to DVD, scan their precious family photos and documents, learn to start an online business, the list goes on and on!



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