Thursday, 30 July 2015

Intel-Instructables IoT Contest: Enviro-Ag Kit

Maui Makers has been selected to participate in the Instructables​/Intel Internet Of Things (IoT) Edison competition. We are being sent the Environmental and Agricultural Kit and will have until Oct 5 to complete documentation (an instructable) on the project(s) we build.
We need some members to step up and help on this. I will be off island for most of September, but we have August to get things going.

If you are interested, PM/email me and/or show up at next week’s public meeting (Aug 6) at the makerspace

This page gives the basic details with correct dates:
This is the instructables post that gives details on the kit etc:

Intel-Instructables Internet Of Things Environmental-Agricultural Kit

Environmental & Agriculture
This kit is designed with agriculture in mind. The 7 sensors in this kit can help you determine light, UV and dust in the environment and based on that information one could rinse a plant off with the water pump and/or water the plant and not waste any water because a flow sensor is included. There is an LED bar for visual output and a dry reed relay to turn things on and off.

Included in this Kit:
6V Mini Water Pump
G14 Water Flow Sensor
Grove Digital Light Sensor
Grove Dry-Reed Relay
Grove Dust Sensor
Grove Gas Sensor(MQ5)
Grove LED Bar
Grove Moisture Sensor
Grove UV Sensor
Grove Water Sensor


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