Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Respectful Goodbye for your Beloved Old Hardware


Do you also have that one piece of hardware,

that you just can’t say goodbye to?

You sadly can’t use it anymore

and it’s been collecting dust for a while,

but you don’t want to just bin it

because it still has some meaning to you?

Bring it to 31C3 for a majestic farewell ceremony!

Whilst mechanically destroying your hardware

you can indulge in memories

and share them with your friends

at 31C3.

Our facility can fit hardware

from the size of a microSD up to a desktop computer.

Things that might break in spectacular ways are especially welcome.

Please don’t leave behind

the remains of your valued hardware,

remember to bring a bag

suited to collect the remainders

so you can dispose of them respectfully.

We don’t have the capacity to take care

of the loved hardware

of all 31C3 visitors.

from SpaceBlogs


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