Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Our Favorite Things: Makers in Libraries

Makers, makerspaces, maker programs – call ‘em what you will, but 2014 saw a LOT of maker STUFF in libraries! In this Favorite Things post, we’ve put together a set of interesting and innovative maker + library updates.

Light-up, massaging slippers. Photo courtesy of Deborah Fields.

Light-up, massaging slippers. Photo courtesy of Deborah Fields.

San Diego Public Library Labs – The purchase of two 3d printers kick-started this awesome public makerspace at SDPL. Public services team member Uyen Tran reflects on the year since the space opened in 2013.

The Bubbler at Madison Public Library – We continue our partnership with Sean and Lucas from MPL, who write and film a series that’s all about the Bubbler, MPL’s maker program suite. Check out the series for lots of neat interviews and features.

The Labs @ CLP – The post series from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s digital makerspace, The Labs @ CLP, is still going strong and there’s a lot of new content from 2014!

Creative Experience at St. Louis Public Library – this post by Andrea Johnson is all about the library’s Creative Experience, a digital makerspace that opened in January 2013.

Conquer Your Fear and Create – LAIP contributor Ryan Claringbole wrote up a fantastic post about the work by Deborah Fields, who works with college students to create wearable technology and e-textiles. Includes project how-to’s!

Mobile Makerspace at Arrowhead Library System (Wisconsin) – LAIP team member Laura wrote up this piece about the new-in-2014 shared maker equipment that she uses on a monthly basis at her library!

Maker Jawn at the Free Library of Philadelphia – check out this three-part series written by Barbara Tait and K-Fai Steele at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Their insight about what maker programming is and can offer is truly inspirational and offers good guidelines for the rest of us.

There’s more where these came from: see the Makerspace section for more!

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