Tuesday, 16 December 2014

NoizeMaschin!!! #42 Xmas Special – Tues 16th Dec, 19:30pm

Who will be naughty? Who will be nice? At NoizeMachin!!, you probably get more kudos for tearing around the house with scissors and yelling atonally, so let’s go the former!

Danus Yates – Ho ho hos through a broad spectrum of twisted North Pole identity crises.

Masonik Arts – make merry around a Yuletide Log

tilde~ (Rhys Channing) – unwraps presents and simulates the joy of small children squealing with delight, then crying when they realize batteries aren’t included with toy.

Sub Ordnance – Interpretive dance with tinsel and baubles

David Faletti – Inspired use of xmas pudding as a sound source, with plum sauce.

Darren Moore

The Hoover of Christ – Domestic holiday bliss through appliance misuse. With special guest, “Mr Slurpee”.

Dr Vello-Claus – plucks your heart strings with nostalgic hits and medical forceps.

Entry Free! Earplugins & drinks available at the Bar d’factory.

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